Fishing in River Swat Pakistan Half 2

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Written by Saif Bd Tv

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  1. Rora angrezay la dy lasoona ao khapay matay kay guzara kawa.
    Look at the pores in your fish net,its only good for catching small fish like have some shame in life man go and buy yourself fish from the market instead of catching small fish.

  2. Yar jaal fishing is not good please protect your river's from plastic shoppers and ilegal fishing methods .. other wise tourist will be not interested to visit swat .. Also please remove the plastic shoppers from river's side's .. I hope you will definitely do positive things in swat .. it will be more beneficial for swat tourism .. da plastic shoppers tabahi Kae da ilako so Der nuksan warkae river's ao fishes markigi … Please start awareness about cleanliness and ilegal fishing methods …