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Kamal Haider’s!

Kamal Ka Pakistan


This is a picture of Falak Sar (also known as Falak Sher), situated in Ushu Valley of Swat-Kohistan KPK Pakistan. At 5,918m/19,416 ft. ASL, is considered the highest peak of the Swat district in the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Captured on the way to Dher-Sar Top 8,000ft in Mata invited by Saleem Khan Wanakhel from Swat while attending Swat National Trekkers Meet up in 2018.

This mountain was climbed for the first time by W.K.A Berry and C.H. Tyndale-Biscoe of New Zealand in 1957 from its North ridge. The second ascent was made by Dr. Wolf Gang Stephen who also climbed Distaghil Sar and Malika Parbat (North). However, The first ascent of Kiwis on Falak Sar is controversial according to the Wolf Gang Stephen article in American Alpine Journal even there is also no successful summit news from the locals sides.
Kamal Haider

Written by Trekking Swat Valley

This page is to promote tourism in Swat valley. We will post images of beautiful explored and unexplored places of the Swat valley, KPK, P A K I S T A N

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