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Historical past Of swat

Swat was a separate nation of its personal from 1848 till 1969. It joined Pakistan in 1969 untill 1969 Swat used its personal foreign money not Pakistanit Rupee. The account given under is fake about Swat Becoming a member of Pakistan in 1947. Swat has been inhabited for over two thousand years. The primary inhabitants had been settled in well-planned cities. In 327 BC, Alexander the Nice fought his technique to Odigram and Barikot and stormed their battlements. In Greek accounts these cities have been recognized as Ora and Bazira. Across the 2nd century BC, the realm was occupied by Buddhists, who had been attracted by the peace and serenity of the land. There are a lot of stays that testify to their abilities as sculptors and designers. Later some Dilazak entered the realm The originator of the current household of Swat was the Muslim saint Abdul Ghafoor,a Pashtun and Akhund of Swat, a Safi Momand of Hazara district, from the place he went to Buner territory. He was a pious man and the individuals revered him so vastly that they referred to as him Akhund Sahib.[8]

Throughout the mid-19th century, Muslim tribes had been combating in opposition to one another for the possession of Swat Valley. On the intervention of the honourable Akhund Sahib, the killing was stopped, and such was his affect that the chiefs of all tribes unanimously made him the ruler of the valley. Akhund Sahib administrated the valley in keeping with Muslim legal guidelines. Peace and tranquility prevailed, and agriculture and commerce flourished within the territory. Akhund Sahib had two sons by his spouse, who belonged to Naik pi Khel (نیک پی خیل).

After the dying of Akhund Sahib, the tribal chiefs once more began combating and killing, which continued for years. Finally the tribal chiefs agreed to present the management of the valley into the fingers of the honourable Gul Shahzada Abdul Wadood, the son of Mian Gul Abdul Khaliq, son of Akhund Sahib. The spouse of Mian Abdul Wadood was the daughter of Afzal-ul-Mulk, the ruler of Chitral. The British by trick put Chitral underneath the suzerainty of Kashmir. The Chitral ruler gave two horses yearly to the Rajia of Kashmir, and the Raja supplied Chitral with grain and sugar, and so forth. Swat thus went underneath safety of the British.

Throughout the rule of Mian Gul Muhammad, Abdul Haq Jehanzeb, the son of Mian Abdul Wadood Khatana, the state acceded to Pakistan in 1947.The Princely State of Swat (Urdu: ریاست سوات‎) was a province of the Durrani Empire dominated by native rulers referred to as the Akhunds, then till 1947 a princely state of the British Indian Empire, which was dissolved in 1947, when the Akhwand acceded to Pakistan. The state lay to the north of the trendy Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan and continued inside its 1947 borders till 1969, when it was dissolved. The current prince, Muhammad Aurzngzeb Khan, son of Jahanzeb, married the daughter of Subject Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan in 1955. Thus by intermarriages with the opposite castes, the household turned a department of the imperials i.e., the Royal household of Swat valley which laid down the inspiration of Swat kingdom. Jahanzeb began a Diploma Faculty at Saidu Sahrif, the capital of the State, and 4 Excessive Faculties at Mingora, Chakesar, Matta and Dagar. Fourteen center colleges, twenty-eight decrease center colleges, and fifty-six main colleges had been established. A women highschool and excessive class spiritual colleges had been established at Saidu Sharif. In any respect the faculties, the poor college students had been granted scholarships. The state was an exemplary state throughout British rule. In addition they have a agency stand in politics of Pakistan. A member of the household Prince Miangul Aurangzeb was additionally Governor of Baluchistan.
The District of Swat is subdivided into 7 Tehsils.

Tehsil Babuzai
Tehsil Matta
Tehsil Khwaza Khela
Tehsil Barikot
Tehsil Kabal
Tehsil Charbagh
Tehsil Bahrain
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Price checking, Anti encroachment Operations and checking of Cleanliness is in progress in all sub-d

Price checking, Anti encroachment Operations and checking of Cleanliness is in progress in all sub-d

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