Photos – Bakht Amin Khan SwatPhotos & thanks: Bakht Amin Khan بلو گمبت (بلو وہاڑ…

Photos – Bakht Amin Khan Swat

Photos & thanks: Bakht Amin Khan
بلو گمبت (بلو وہاڑا)، بدھ مت تہزیب کا ایک خوبصورت شاہکار ، جو وادی سوات کے کنڈاگ درہ میں واقع ہیں۔
The grand “Vihara of Balao”. Balao Village, Kandak Dara (8km road distance from Barikot).
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  1. Brother the civilization of swat is too famous in swat there is a lot of Buddha statues in swat is the name which is kept by Afghan emperor the ancient name udhyan when swat was under Buddhist when Alexander captured he changed the name swastu and when the Afghan emperor captured he kept swat

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