Photos – Faizan Ahmad, Abrar Saeed and their team!کچری (کجری) جھیلوں کے ٹریک ک…

Photos – Faizan Ahmad, Abrar Saeed and their team!

کچری (کجری) جھیلوں کے ٹریک کے جنت نما مناظر۔ جبہ، شاہی باغ، گبرال درہ، سوات۔
TSV congrats Faizan Ahmad and his fellow trekkers for successfully completing trek to and exploring the magnificent lakes of Kacheri /Kajiri, Jabba, Shahi Bagh, Gabral Dara.
Swat Valley, P A K I S T A N

Written by Trekking Swat Valley

This page is to promote tourism in Swat valley. We will post images of beautiful explored and unexplored places of the Swat valley, KPK, P A K I S T A N

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  1. ډنډو ته ده تلو دا ورځی مناسب نه دی ملګری کم از کم ده ۱۵ جولای پوری انتظار اوکیي…..

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