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Kalam Valley — Valley Situated across the Swat River at Swat, at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa State of Pakistan. It’s 270 km drive in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It’s among the favorite destinations for vacationers. At 29km from Bahrain and approximately 2,000 meters above sea level, the valley opens out, offering rooms to get a small but lush plateau above the river. In Kalam, the 2 rivers (Ushu and Utrot) combine to form the Swat River.
MINGORA: Queen Elizabeth II during her trip to Swat in 1961 rightly called it the Switzerland of the East since Swat is an abode of large hills, green meadows, rocky shores and lakes that are clear.
“We attained the unbelievably charming alpine lake by Trekking across the gushing flow, thick woods and a few mysterious but captivating hamlets on the road. Emerald colored lake silhouetted against the blue skies has wow factor inside while the hills about it providing a look of large wall,” states Fazlullah that a trekker in Manglore village,
This season, I took a family Excursion to Mahodand Lake, that is roughly 40kilometres from Kalam from the Ushu Valley of the Swat District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). We remained in Kalam that supplied an panoramic view of this valley.
A piece of property That’s called Swat– and generally known to as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ — is most renowned for its abundance of unthinkable all-natural beauty. Wherever your own footstep is, this instant and vista will get memorable.
Mahodand Lake is located in the Hindu Kush range of hills at an elevation of 9,400ft (2,850 metres) and spreads over two slopes by span roughly.
We began our trip early morning from road in a jeep, and following crossing the Kalam Forest. we had our first stopover at Usho. There are a few lodges in the region that provide the superb view of the valley. Not merely are the gushing streams only a sight for those tourists along with its inhabitants, but it is also a source for generating power for the locals.
The valley, and the majority of the instances, we needed to stop and await the path to clean up. This is a standard sight for the locals living there; nevertheless, this could surprise many people seeing by the town. After crossing Matiltan, we stopped at Mahi Banal, among the very scenic places on the approach to Mahodand Lake.
After additional travelling for approximately 30 minutes, we all ended up in the Mighty 22 drops, yet another popular tourist place. The Image below can’t warrant the beauty that bit of property holds. During summers, these drops transform into an outstanding miracle that will stay etched on your head forever. Up until we attained Mahodand Lake, we stumbled upon neighborhood shopkeepers selling cold drinks and other eatables. We remained here for 15 to20 minutes, took a few pictures and proceeded to our next stop.
So guys I invite all of the tourists from all over the world to come in swat and explore new horizon as it has no match in beauty In world.


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Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is very big industry as its locations are marvelous and the people are friendly all over the world. Pakistan is blessed by AL-Mighty ALLAH with great mountains like K2, Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi and many more.

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