Gandhara Civilization: Pakistan’s Fast Fading Cultural Heritage.

The video for ALFP 2017, Japan.
The Rich Gandhara Civilization and Swat valley in Pakistan.


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  1. almost all people of swat are muslims but it is a fact that this area belongs to budhists in past people changed their faith because they got impressed by islamic principles of equality,peace and justice.muslims are not extremist but they are victims of extremism by peoples belonging to other religions i-e.hinduism,budhism,christianity and jewish

  2. Texshila was world no 1 University from 450 B.C. to 1100 A.D.+ single university which gave Zero, Yoga, Economics, Grammar, to world. Center of learning for world. Pashtun were their teachers. Today, in Pakistan people are making fun of Pathans.