Swat Mankyal Valley Pakistan | Natural Beauty of Kalam

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Mankial Valley Kalam
The beautiful valley of Swat is a conglomeration of different and varied valleys and plains. The southern region is comparatively wide and open, consisting of plains that are cultivated through out the year and yield extremely large quantity of fruits and crops. The Northern region is a congregation of tall high rising mountains where small valleys provide little ground for cultivation and residentiary area for the small mass of population scattered in different groups and families. The valley of Mankial is one such place located in the north of Swat on the main road leading to Kalam. The total distance of the valley from Saidu Sharif is about eighty kilometers. The condition of the road is not gratifying but still the scenic beauty all around, the cool and invigorating breeze and the whirling, foamy and gurgling water of River Swat keep the visitors engaged and delighted.
The fascinating valley of Mankial is famous throughout Swat for its several sharp and jagged summits or peaks, which can be seen hundreds of kilometers away from down the plains. The tallest peak’s height is 18750 feet above the sea level. Several national and internationalmountaineers have attempted to reach these dizzy and awesome summits and in the course have lost their precious lives but still some others have conquered these intimidating heights. A Japanese mountaineer conquered mount Mankial in 1975. Climbing up these treacherous and unpredictable heights needs a strong heart, firm determination and above all strict professionalism.
Several ancient myths and tales are associated with the razor sharp peaks of Mankial. Most of the people believe that it is the abode of supernatural entities like fairies and jinns where intruding human beings are severely inflicted and who ever ventures into their dwellings either loses his life or is haunted by hallucination and illusions everafter. The immense height of the mountain and enchanted atmosphere sometimes compels one to think that these myths are true and real.


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