Swat Valley- Stunning Beauty of Sawat,Kalam and Malam Jabba (Pakistan)

In this video you see the stunning and natural beauty of Swat valley,Kalam valley and Malam Jabba.Swat,Kalam and Malam Jabba are most beautiful Areas of Pakistan.Swat Kalam valley in KPK Provence of Pakistan.Now These areas are called heaven for tourists.Now fully Pease here .Everybody can go to visit swat valley without any fear.Thanks for Watching,subscribe us for more videos.

Please watch: “Amazing view of Chattar Muzaffarabad Aazad Kashmir from Lohar Gali”

Amazing view of Chattar Muzaffarabad Aazad Kashmir from Lohar Gali

In video you see the most beautiful view of Chattar Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.You can also see the beautiful view of muzaffarabad like pc hotel Muzaffarabad,Supreme court of AJK and view of AJK Assembly Hall from Lohar Gali .Muzaffarabad city is the capital city of Azad Kashmir.Muzaffarabad has very beautiful view from Lohar Gali AJK.You can also view the Neelum River .

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Bahrain Gorani New Tourist place swat valley

Coming soon at Burj Al Swat Hotel.