Kalam (Kalami/Pashto: کالام ) is a cool heaven for tourists which is located at distance of 99 km from Mingora in the northern upper reaches of Swat valley along the bank of Swat River in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
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Written by MARDAN FILM

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  1. swat vally belong to pashtoon yani pathan people they not kashmiri indian donky when they look beautifull mountain they think its kashmir man you indian sach a suck

  2. for all indian kalam swat not a part off jammu and kashir dude its in khyber pukhtoon khuwah that place was free country free vally in ayub khan goverment vally swat give swat vally to ayub khan for pakistan tohfa i belive kashmir nice place but here northern khyber pakhyoon khuwah is beautifull please you indian if you dont have right information dont camment like donky

  3. MashaAllah la quwata illahbillah. How beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing your visit of gorgeous northern Pakistan. I have been watching this video again and again.

  4. Beautiful place. I began to realize why the western people try to keep India and Pakistan in this way…If there is a heaven on this earth it is in the Indian subcontinent..mainly in India and Pakistan

  5. Dev Bhumi or land of God according to thousands years old Hindu mythology is our Swat valley. Maharaja HARI SINGH wanted to develop This area on the line of Swiss beauty but violent situation and his dreams remained un fullfilled. EXPORT all your fruits and dry fruits to India as we are ready big market.
    Jay Hind.

  6. Salam kom da Germany na zama sheen watan gran khog watan derra khysta great video manana da opload kawalo tnx

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