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    This View 😮| Baltit Fort, Attabad Lake & Karimabad in HUNZA Pakistan

    On this Pakistan Journey Vlog we go to Baltit Fort, Attabad Lake & Karimabad in Hunza Valley. That is proper after some epic climbing to fairy meadows to get a view of Nanga Parbat. Northern Pakistan is gorgeous, and we uncover all types of attention-grabbing issues on this episode. We begin off in Karimabad the […] More

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    Badogai High Between Swat & Kumrat

    We travelled to Swat Valley in June 2019. This video is compilation of the “Badogai Go” that lies between Kumrat and Kallam Valleys, the elevation is about 11 thousand ft above sea stage, with a journey time of about 6-7 hours and distance of about 65Kms. It’s a robust off-road monitor and desires good off-road […] More