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    SURBANDAR | The Lovely Fishing City of Gwadar | Pakistan | Half I |

    Balochistan coastal areas well-known for its majestic panorama, 778 kilometers longs coast well-known for its seafood. The gorgeous city of Surbandar is situated 25 kilometers from Gwadar and also you attain in 30 minutes. The city inhabitants of the cities is 23,313 with 3914 households.Fishing is fundamental occupation of individuals. Within the video, we offer […] More

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    ZIARAT | Cherry Gardens | Balochistan | Pakistan | Half I |

    Travelling from Quetta to Ziarat is a lovely expertise, the beautiful magnificence and panorama of the journey will shock you at each second. Our Ziarat sequence contains of two components, Half one contains of our expertise from travelling from Quetta to Ziarat and second half is full journey information of Ziarat. On this video, we […] More