Daily Situation Report (Covid-19)
Today Covid Positivity Rate is: 5%

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎Disease (COVID-19) Daily Situation Report District DC Office 21/05/2021 Suspected: 62967 71870 1069 S”mles Transit/ Awaited 5% Daily Positivity 591 20 Today Recoveries Today 10.9% Confirmed: 7313 93.3% Recovered Among Active 2 Trend Deaths Positivity, Among Weekly ۔d& 2.8% 304 3.9% Deaths Cases tW”e Trend Weekly Tested Positive កទ្មវ្ក្ Tehsil COVID Active (Total=217) 1800 Confirmed by Age and Gender 1400 1200 cases ebelow 464‎'‎

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