Tour Summer season 2018 | Chitral to China Border and Kagan Valley | Last Half

Chitral is located on the banks of River Chitral/Kabul. The points of interest close to Chitral are, Shahi masjid, Shahi Palace, Shahi Fort, Museum, Garam Chashma, Nationwide Park, Base Camp of Tirich Mir, stunning Kalash Valleys. This area is influenced by the Afghan and Central Russian States. Principally meals are doubtless much like them. Chitral is the biggest district within the KPK province of Pakistan. It’s located within the Hindukush Mountain Vary. Chitral is amongst the best areas of the world, it has many peaks greater than 6100 meters in peak. Chitral may be very mountainous and Tirich Mir elevation 25289 ft, the best peak of the Hindu Kush Mountain Vary.
Chitral is related to the remainder of Pakistan by two main highway routes, the Lowari Go (10,230 ft.) from Dir and Shandur Prime(12,200 ft.) from Gilgit. Shandur route is closed in winter. The Lowari Tunnel has been come into use since 2017 below the Lowari Go. A lot of different excessive passes, together with Darkot Go, Thoi Go and Zagaran Go, present entry on foot to Chitral from Gilgit-Baltistan in Ghizer District.
We accomplished Dir Lowari Prime route please see part-3. Now we’re going to try second route which might be accomplished by way of Shandur Go. Shandur Polo pageant is Internationally well-known which celebrates on 7-9 July yearly. Street distance is about 392 Kilo Meters between Chitral-Gilgit.
Street Map:
chitral = 4900 ft – Tirich Mir peak(7788m), shahi qila, shahi masjid, garam chashma, ayun feilds, kalash valleys, chitral museum, chitral gol naional park(81 sq. km)
Buni = 6170 ft 80 km away from chitral
mastuj = 7740 ft 50 km away from booni
sor laspur =30 km away from mastuj (bashqargol lake 30 km away from laspur (trek about 10 hrs)
shandur move = 12200 ft (3738m) 25 km away from laspur
langar = 5 km away from shandur (baha lake) trek about 5 hrs
teru = 10000 ft 22 km away from shandur
phandar = 10500 ft phandar lake 20 km away from langar
khalti lake 46 km away from phandar
gupis = Eight km away from khalti lake, (yasin valley central=40 km,approx 30 km darkut
gahkuch = 6090 ft 55km from gupis, ashkoman and immit valleys about 60 km
gilgit = 70 km away from gahkuch
gilgit to hunza = 100 km
hunza to sost = 90 km
sost to khunjerab move = 87 km
khunjerab-babusar prime = 440
babusar top- gatidas = 10
gatidas-lulusar lake 9
lake to besal = 2 (lake dodhipatsar 6 hrs trek then saral lake four hrs trek)
besal – galkhad = 7 (noori prime 12102 ft four hrs jeep and extra four hrs to sharda ajk)
galkhad-barhwai= 11
barhwai-batakundi= 12 (lalazar=5)
batakundi-naran= 16
naran-lake saiful muluk=12
khunjerab to islamabad = 887
islamabad to lahore = 388
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