Pakistan introduction

My 18-day journey to Pakistan overlaying 15 cities

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  1. I am a Proud Pakistani traveler and Pakistani people are extremely hospitable but All hospitality aside please never do that again. Always go on planned trips or make arrangements with one person/ host. It’s nothing about Pakistan specifically but it’s just about safety and better hotels and bus rides, in a new country especially when you don’t know the language.
    This isn’t just for Pakistan, it’s an advice for all new countries. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in my Country.

  2. Whenever you wish not only you anyone from abroad and are willing to have tour of Pakistan are welcome and can call me anytime to be your tour guide no need to take tension. possibly whatever I can I do for you people I will do because your are promoting us you are giving respect to us which matter alot for us

  3. Thank you for visiting Pakistan. I'm a native here and it's funny how I haven't visited more than 2 cities lol

    I would've loved if you kept the actual audio from your travels, along with a few pieces of narration.

    I also hope that the new government focuses more on Karachi as the city has faced many difficulties in past decades.

    And finally, I didn't know that Nepalese also attended institutes in Pakistan! Makes me want to travel the neighboring countries more.

  4. This was a good video but you put too much in one video.. you should have done a daily video and showed your journey like that

  5. Pakistan is a Punajbi Facist Terrorist state that assaisinate and torurure and kidnap its pashtun, Blauch and Sindhi minorities. There is no freedom,no progress and no development and education for minorities. It is a Punajbi Appartheid state worse than South Africa ever was.

  6. Pakistan is land along both sides of Indus river, second oldest civilization, and from Indus word Indian was derived. Thus Pakistanis are fathers of all Indians of world

  7. Only India continuously showing Pakistan as evil country. Yes they had some terrorism issues but whole nation can't be bad

  8. Liked and subscribed, thanks for the great video! Pakistan is great and so is India. Only people with low iq will disagree.

  9. Gun city lol… No doubt that's why terrorist breed there like mosquitos and the common people of Pakistan don't care about this

  10. If this is everything you did in Pakistan, I can tell you you missed so sooo much…. specially on the food and Northern side….great trip anyways, do come back

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