Pakistani military despatched to Swat Valley

NEWS: Pakistans navy has intensified its offensive in opposition to Taliban fighters within the countrys northwest as President Asif Ali Zardari appealed for international assist to avert a humanitarian disaster, throughout a gathering with UN chief Ban Ki-moon.
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  1. Also kill the supporters of TALIBANS and ALQAIDA like jamat e islami,jamiat ulmae islam fazl-ur-rahman and sami ul haq groups.These parties provide logistic support to talibans and alqaida.After 9/11 almost 90% of alqaida terrorist arrested from the houses of JAMAT-E-ISLAMI workers and leaders.Government of pakistan must ban these bhatta khoor and terrorist parties immediately

  2. Pakistan army fucks these mother fuckers TALIBAN(jihadi bhatta khoors).They are american agents because since 1980 america provide funds,training and money to these criminals and also gave name TALIBANS(JIHADI)

  3. look at least they are dealing with the taliban.
    this is the first time i have seen any proper attempt by a muslim country to fight these mad people.
    muslims are now gaining my respect.
    and other muslim countries must fight this tyranny.
    britain watches pakistan closely

  4. Fuck Pakistan army. Mother fucker are Hindus. Go to Hell Pakistan army only good at killing their own people. 90 thousand of them surrendered to Indian army in 1971 and got humiliated in kargil. Half of them are fagots and half bastards. Their officers in Staff college and infantry school Quetta allow their wives to sleep with senior officers for promotions.

  5. The police shown in black uniform are not from traffic police. They are Punjab Police's Elite Force. The man reporting don't have correct information.

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